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Local Fitness Champion – Eating out can still be healthy!

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Local Fitness Champion – Eating out can still be healthy!

relish-cafe-jennifer-lfc-southgate-bettystown-mealsAs part of her Local Fitness Champion, Jennifer eats breakfast in our Southgate Café and dinner in our Bettystown Café each week.  At Relish Cafés we like to give our customers plenty of healthy choices as well as catering to many special dietary options (many Gluten Free).  Last year we were worked very closely with local Fitness Guru and Nutritionist, Ant Morgan from AMPT Fitness in Southgate, to develop our Nutritionally Balanced (NB) range.  See more about our NB range here.

Jennifer had dinner in our Bettystown Café.  Jackie, our Bettystown Manager recommended the Chef’s Special, which was Seabass, which she found delicious.  Jennifer is trying to incorporate more healthy fish into her diet, which is high in protein, low in fat and full of goodness.  As part of her nutrition programme, which was put together by Ant Morgan, she is allowed 1 ‘cheat meal’ per week.  Jennifer decided to have a dessert after her dinner in Bettystown, which she found light but indulging and thoroughly enjoyed it!  Well deserved after all her hard work this week.

We hope that her fitness and eating plan will encourage you and keep you motivated. If you have any questions for Jennifer, you can send us an email to or just send us a PM on our Facebook page


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