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Relish Group are Hiring

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2017-05-03 JOBS AT DUNDALK (1)

Menus for Communion Day 2017

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Relish Bettystown have a smashing menu to celebrate First Communions this year, both an adult’s and a child’s menu. Click to view them below

Adult’s Menu

Children’s Menu

These are only available in Relish Bettystown and tables are booking fast so contact us quickly to book yours, tel 041-9813344.

Job Vacancies at Dundalk

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Relish Dundalk are hiring.

Relish Cafe Jobs - Dundalk, Bettystown, Drogheda, SouthgateWe are seeking full and part time waiting staff for our Relish Cafe in Dundalk.

A minimum 2 years experience is required for these roles.

Offering excellent rates of pay,  day shifts only. If you are interested please apply with CV to


Mother’s Day Colouring Competition

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Calling all Relish Kids!  You could win a personalised latte mug, coffee tray and apron for your mammy this Mother’s day.

Just pick up one of our Relish Mother’s day colouring sheets in any of our cafes (or download here) and colour them in or just draw your own design!

Then fill in your contact details, ask your parent or guardian to like our Facebook page and the Facebook page of I Want a Hippo  and give the sheet to any of our Relish staff and you could win ALL of this cool stuff for your Mammy!

As the winner you can decide if you’d like to have all 3 items printed with your artwork or we can print each item differently with a mix of art and photos!  So get colouring and get into Relish!

There are more cool mother’s day gifts on I Want a Hippo’s website.

Relish are Hiring

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Highlanes Special

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Darren_SMAvailable at our Highlanes cafe, a spinach chicken, and wild mushroom tower special! In this photo, you will see it’s been cooked by Darren our trainee chef!

Cooking something this tasty,Darren is well on his way to becoming an excellent chef!

Try it for yourself today at our Highlanes cafe.

Local Fitness Champion – the 6 week journey!

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Local Fitness Champion – the 6 week journey!

It’s hard to believe that we’ve come to the end of Jennifer’s 6 week Fitness Challenge. Jennifer really throw herself into this challenge – even with 3 small children, a very busy schedule and a lead role in the local Panto!  Jennifer managed to fit in classes and plan & prep her meals. As you’ll see from her before & after photos, Jennifer’s body changed over the 6 weeks – she managed to decrease her body fat percentage by 6 %, lose inches and firm up. Mostly Jennifer is delighted with how she feels, she has so much more energy and feels that she can cope with her busy life with less stress & tiredness.

Here’s Ant’s feedback:

“Our local fitness champion Jennifer McMahon has just completed her 6 week programme with ourselves & Relish Cafes and we are happy with how she got on.

Jennifer is a very busy mum who has a full time job and also busy rehearsing for her part in the panto, Snow white in Drogheda. Although she struggled to get as many sessions done as she or we would have liked her results are amazing. She stuck closely to the food while doing 2 to 3 sessions per week.

Anyone who trained with her will tell you she is a very strong motivated person who helped push others while in our classes. Some even thought she was a trainer!!

Although weight loss wasn’t her reason for doing this she still managed to drop nearly 6% body fat during the 6 weeks and quite a few inches from the areas she wanted while keeping her weight balanced.

Congratulations Jennifer. You look amazing. Be proud of your blood, sweat and tears over the last 6 weeks and hopefully see u back in 2017”.

Thanks Ant!

We’d like to thank Jennifer for being such a good sport and for committing to our challenge fully.  We’d also like to say a very special to Ant Morgan and his incredible team at AMPT Fitness.  Ant has been an incredible support to Jennifer over the past 6 weeks – thanks Ant, we have really enjoyed working with you on this programme.

We hope that following Jennifer’s fitness and eating plan has encouraged and given you information and ideas for your own fitness plan. If you have any questions for Jennifer, you can send us an email to or just send us a PM on our Facebook page

Enjoy Christmas and Best Wishes for a Fit and Healthy 2017!


relish-cafe-ampt-fitness-lfc-before-after-side relish-cafe-ampt-fitness-lfc-before-after-front relish-cafe-ampt-fitness-lfc-before-after-back



Local Fitness Champion – Eating out can still be healthy!

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Local Fitness Champion – Eating out can still be healthy!

relish-cafe-jennifer-lfc-southgate-bettystown-mealsAs part of her Local Fitness Champion, Jennifer eats breakfast in our Southgate Café and dinner in our Bettystown Café each week.  At Relish Cafés we like to give our customers plenty of healthy choices as well as catering to many special dietary options (many Gluten Free).  Last year we were worked very closely with local Fitness Guru and Nutritionist, Ant Morgan from AMPT Fitness in Southgate, to develop our Nutritionally Balanced (NB) range.  See more about our NB range here.

Jennifer had dinner in our Bettystown Café.  Jackie, our Bettystown Manager recommended the Chef’s Special, which was Seabass, which she found delicious.  Jennifer is trying to incorporate more healthy fish into her diet, which is high in protein, low in fat and full of goodness.  As part of her nutrition programme, which was put together by Ant Morgan, she is allowed 1 ‘cheat meal’ per week.  Jennifer decided to have a dessert after her dinner in Bettystown, which she found light but indulging and thoroughly enjoyed it!  Well deserved after all her hard work this week.

We hope that her fitness and eating plan will encourage you and keep you motivated. If you have any questions for Jennifer, you can send us an email to or just send us a PM on our Facebook page


More posts to follow soon!

Colouring Competition

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Over the Halloween – Mid Term Break, we ran a Colouring Competition in all 4 of our Cafés.  We had SO many AMAZING pictures to choose from and it was so hard to pick winners. Thanks to all our wonderful customers who took part! Here are all our winners: Liam Halligan, Ava Brannigan, Claire Rock, Jack White, Allie Smith, Erin Townley, Alisha Coleman, Aoibin Killen, James Dunne, Caillin Cusher & Conor Maguire – well done to you all.







Local Fitness Champion – Jennifer’s Boxercise & Abs Class!

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Local Fitness Champion – Jennifer’s Boxercise & Abs Class!

Here’s a video of our Local Fitness Champion, Jennifer after her first Boxercise & Abs class at AMPT Fitness in Southgate.

Boxercise is an exercise class based on the training concepts boxers use to keep fit. Classes can take a variety of formats but a typical one may involve shadow-boxing, skipping, hitting pads, kicking punchbags, press-ups, shuttle-runs and sit-ups. Most boxercise classes are aimed at men and women of all ages and fitness standards. As no class involves the physical hitting of an opponent, it is a fun, challenging and safe workout.

Abdominal Training – the importance of strengthening the abdominal (or “abs”) cannot be overemphasized. The functions of the mid-section include flexion, lateral flexion and rotation of the torso as well as flexion of the hip. Collectively, the muscles of this region keep the abdominal organs compressed and assist in forced expiration (as during vigorous exercise).  Therefore, virtually all sports require the use of the abdominals to some degree. In addition, having a strong mid-section will remove stress that tends to build up in our lower backs from being sedentary.

We hope that her fitness and eating plan will encourage you and keep you motivated. If you have any questions for Jennifer, you can send us an email to or just send us a PM on our Facebook page

More posts to follow soon!